Watch: “Green Grass of California” from Band of Heathens

“When your eyes are red/ Spinning in your head/ Remember it’s only in your mind…”

Duende, The Band of Heathens’ fifth studio album (and eighth overall), marks their 10th anniversary as a group. “Green Grass of California”—an ode to today’s potent strains of weed, and a fervent plea for legalization—was recorded in Nashville.

Band co-founder Ed Jurdi says of the track, “This song and video was inspired by our friends in the farming communities of Humboldt County California, who have perfected the art of growing the sweet leaf. These hardworking men and women do righteous work with their hands in the soil and support their families, friends and communities on a real grassroots level.

“With all the progress we’ve made recently, as people have become more educated about the health and societal benefits of marijuana, we as a band are very troubled by the stance and proposed policies of the current administration.

“In particular, there seems to be a level of ignorance emanating from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office that can only be described as unacceptable. The idea that the Republican Party, the party of states’ rights and personal responsibility, is looking to prosecute minor marijuana charges and revoke states’ rights to choose is nothing short of un-American.

“Let us remain vigilant and vocal about the things we want our government to do, and how we want them to act on behalf of us, the People. Whether marijuana serves a role in your life as a medicine or as something that provides you with joy, it should be YOUR choice to make that decision.

“Sit back, roll one up and enjoy the music and video. I sure know we enjoyed making them for you!”

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