WATCH: Stoner Chick from Space Kamp

Check out Space Kamp’s brand new video for “Stoner Chick,” featuring smokesmodel Kaylee O’Rourke. Space Kamp is a trippy trio of emcees hailing from PA: Adoo, Oskee, and Split D. “Stoner Chick” is a single from the band’s debut album Terpene Station, out September 15th. Adoo told HIGH TIMES about shooting the video, and what Space Kamp’s plans for the future look like.

Who directed the video? How much weed was consumed?

The video was directed by Reel Wolf and edited by Anthony Larose. We shot in a highrise in downtown Toronto while on tour, and had our friend Kaylee O’Rourke come by to look pretty and smoke out. The whole shoot was a good time, all we did was roll up and eat cookies! Toronto is an awesome, super stony city and has always shown love.

What’s the inspiration for the video/song? 

Every stoner needs a stoner chick. There aren’t enough records out there showing love to the stony ladies. Space Kamp loves you!

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

We are releasing our debut album Terpene Station on September 15th, and have a US tour kicking off with the release. We plan continue touring, making music and smoking good. We’re after the Stoner of the Year award and a HIGH TIMES cover in 2018!

Artist: Space Kamp
Song: Stoner Chick
Producer:  Rob the Viking & Big City

Album: Terpene Station
Label: Sensi Starr Records/Rebel Hippies Music
Album Release DateSeptember 15, 2017

Purchase link/Website:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Space Kamp Tour Dates:
9/10 – Los Angeles @ TBA
9/13 – San Jose CA @ Backbar Sofa
9/14 – San Francisco CA @ Lennon Studios
9/15 – Sacramento CA @ TBA
9/16 – Reno NV @ Jub Jubs
9/17 – Lake Tahoe CA @ Whiskey Dicks
9/18 – Logan UT @ Whysound
9/20 – Colorado Springs CO @ Dab Lounge
9/22 – Gillett WI @ Wildfire Trails
9/23 – Surgeon Bay WI @ The Brick Lot
9/24 – New Haven IN @ Carl’s Tavern
9/30 – Philadelphia PA @ The Fire

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