Pups of the 2014 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup

One of the highlights of any Cannabis Cup is meeting all the Pups of the Cup. Dogs of all shapes and sizes came to the Auto City Speedway with their owners to strut their furry stuff on a gorgeous July afternoon. We met a Cane Corso, an Attorney at Paw, and a little one named, appropriately enough, Sticky. Sweet!

1. Hot dog! Mira is as cute as can be with her humans Brandi and Andi:

2. Sticky and Melissa, a candy-sweet duo:

3. If you need a lawyer, you’re barking up the wrong tree, but Harvey’s great to hang out with:

4. Cane Corso Tubu, most impressive with his smiling human Aaron:

5. Chris and Max: Wolverine State proud:

6. Tony, Scott and Charlie hangin’ on the Speedway: