Stoner Sex: Icy Sex, Circumcision, Swinging & Pierced Tongues

Dear Hyapatia,
It’s been so hot this summer where we live. My girlfriend has come up with a wonderful way to cool down while steaming things up. She gets a bowl of ice cubes. Naturally, the first one goes in the bong. After we’ve gotten good and high, she puts some ice in her mouth and we kiss, our tongues melting the ice between us. Then I take a cube and rub it on her nipples. She says she loves that and it makes her nipples really hard. Then it’s her turn and she sucks me with some ice in her mouth. It’s such a strange sensation – the coolness and the warmth. Then the ice melts and it’s amazing! When we’re finished with our lovemaking, we get a bit more ice to refill our bong. It’s a wonderful time, perfect for the summer! Tell your readers!

Dear Mike,
You just did! It sounds marvelous! I can't wait to try it! Don't forget to reciprocate though. Put an ice cube in your mouth when you go down on her!

Dear Hyapatia,
I am having an embarrassing problem. I go out with many girls. We all have a great time. Then after a few dates, we start to get more romantic and sexual. That’s when the problem comes. I’m not circumcised and I guess most guys around here are, because all the girls seem kinda surprised and timid once they get a good look at my dick. That’s usually the last I see of them. I have a really hard time getting a girl to give me head. I’ve even thought about getting circumcised to fit in better. I hate to surprise them with it, but it’s not the kind of thing you can just bring up on the first date.

Dear Torence,
You’re right. "How do you feel about uncircumcised cocks?" is not a good pick-up line. There are some things you can do to stack the deck in your favor. Europeans and Asians are likely to be uncircumcised. Searching for a girlfriend in this demographic may give you a better chance. I’m sure there are other groups where circumcision is not as popular. (I bet the comments will have some suggestions.)  I believe anyone from the medical field would be more open as well. You might try getting high with your next partner before sex. Then try hinting that your parents were old-school or New Age – or describe it in any way that you can that might give her a “heads up.” The more mature a girl is, the more accepting she usually is – not necessarily older, just mature. If you’re actually considering circumcision as an adult, do your research. There is a pain factor involved.

For the record, my sons aren't circumcised. I just couldn't cut off something that was naturally there!

Dear Hyapatia,
My girl and I have been together for a while and I guess she must be getting bored. She wants to try swinging. She’s always been very sexual; that’s one of the things I love most about her. I don't want to share her with another man, but I got to admit, the thought of watching her have sex with someone else does turn me on. And what man wouldn't want to watch two girls go at it live? So I guess what I’m saying is I want to try swinging, but I don't want to lose my girlfriend to another guy. Am I too jealous for swinging?

Dear Bart,
Swinging can be lots of fun, for both men and women. You may enjoy having sex with another man's lady while watching your girlfriend have sex with your partner's husband. Just because she wants to try swinging though, doesn't mean she’s bored with you. Thoughts like these aren't unusual if you’re contemplating swinging for the first time. Keep in mind that you may find a great swinging couple – maybe two. But the two of you may be more suited for each other in many ways that your first swinging partners could never be. They could be into things other than weed. They may have political or religious beliefs that you find ridiculous. They may be quicker to judge or anger. If you get into swinging, honor your original partner.

Dear Hyapatia,
I have heard that girls give better head if they get their tongues pierced. I want to get my tongue pierced for my boyfriend. I just want to please him. Is it true?

Dear Diane,
I’ve heard that guys like head from girls with pierced tongues better. But I think it really depends on the girl. What I mean, if a girl is really good at giving head, she probably doesn’t need to have her tongue pierced to please her man. And someone who has a pierced tongue may not be good at using her mouth. The girl who enjoys pleasing her man is going to be better at it.