Stoner Sex: Regret, Repulsion, Grower Depression & Insecurity

Dear Hyapatia,
My boyfriend and I broke up about four months ago and I’ve missed him ever since. I know what I did wrong. He has a business and I didn’t see it as a business. I saw it as a distraction and I thought it was coming between us. I now realize that he has a job that he’s serious about. It’s not easy to find guys who take their jobs seriously. How can I show him that I’ve grown since then and that I now realize what I had and how good he was to me? We always hear that we never know what we have till it is gone – and that’s the truth. As far as I know, he’s not seeing anyone else yet.
Sorry in Texas

Dear Sorry,
Hard to say if he’ll be willing to try again with you. All you can do is let him know that you’re wiser now and that you’d like to try again if he’s willing. The best way to do this is to level with him. If you’re not able to sit down and talk to him about it, you could send him a card to explain how you feel.  That gives him time to think it over before he responds. But be prepared for being let down. As I said, he may not be willing to try again. You won't know for sure until you try, so go for it. Just don't have any expectations.

Dear Hyapatia,
I love my girlfriend very much and sex with her is some of the best sex I’ve ever had. She is wild and passionate all in one. I don't want to be gross or anything, but my girlfriend wants to have sex at all times. But I personally don’t like to have sex when it’s “that time of the month.” She takes this personally. I’ve tried to explain that I’ve never enjoyed it with any of my former girlfriends. She understands that, but she wants our relationship to be different. I just don't want to and I don't think, physically, that I’d be able to, even if I tried. Why is she so hung up on this?


Dear Kyle,
My constant refrain is “Nobody should have to do anything sexually that they’re uncomfortable with.” I have no idea why she’s so hung up on this. I’m with you, personally. I’ve never enjoyed sex at that time, and I’ve found that most guys are happy to wait. I don't believe there’s anything medically unsafe about it (unless you count blood-borne diseases). For me, there’s no reason to rush things. Waiting makes sex that much better.

Dear Hyapatia
I love my boyfriend very much. He’s the love of my life, but I don't know how to deal with his over-reactive mood swings. He found out his plants got root rot and he was literally suicidal. I know root rot is a big deal, but suicidal over root rot is a bit extreme. How can I get him to chill out and take it easy without smoking all of the weed we have left?

Dear Brit,
I hope you don’t mean literally suicidal. If that’s the case get him to a therapist — quick! But if it’s just basic pot growing depression, I can relate. I’ve felt "suicidal" over root rot. But with AquaShield to the rescue, there’s no need for bloodshed! If you have your back against the wall with bills and your crop is your only hope of keeping your head above water, it can be pretty serious – I know. Smart planning, diversification (have several crops staggered for harvest at different times), and some basic know-how can save your financial ass and your relationship. My advice is to show him how you love him, give him some good sex, a nice fatty and be patient. Hopefully, he’ll treat you similarly when you’re having a catastrophe. 

Dear Hyapatia,
My girlfriend is crazy jealous. I don't know where she gets these ideas, but she thinks I am coming on to all the girls I deal with. It’s just nuts. I try telling her that I can only deal with one woman at a time. She has my hands full. She doesn't get it though. What can I do to prove to her that I’m not cheating? I have never cheated and I don't plan on cheating.

Dear Mike,
Some people are just never satisfied. Some are cheaters themselves. Some are just super-insecure. Give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s somewhat insecure. She may think that she’s not as pretty as other girls. Point out all of the things that you like about her and how much these things mean to you. Communicate with her. Help her see the good qualities that attract you to her only. Point out her past and present successes and help her to celebrate them.