Toasted Tweets | Feb. 8, 2017

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As we all know, the world is crumbling into a downward spiral, face-first into the abyss that opens into hell’s foyer. But there’s always room for… Jell-O? Yes, and laughter, which is the best medicine, they say, except for our favorite green friend—and I’m not talking about the Jolly Green Giant, Shrek or the Hulk, though they’re all cool too, as far as green friends go. The Tweetists below create and curate laughs, mostly for a living, and I’m glad they are alive at this time to help us all cope with the state of affairs. So, this week, spark up a doobie, (if you call it that still and are on Twitter, I’m impressed) get cozy and read some laughable quotes, jokes, bits, and hahas in the form of the following tweets.

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