Toasted Tweets | Nov. 30, 2016


Now that weed is becoming  legal in more states (and let’s hope it STAYS legal), maybe stores should cater to stoner shoppers. Where’s our Weed Wednesday for paraphernalia, our fave strains and scrumptious edibles? Maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday can toss a nug of savings our way? After all, pot and its tools and accoutrements aren’t cheap. Not to mention, shopping sober totally sucks. And furthermore, if more people shopped stoned, Black Friday bad behavior would be a thing of the past. What stoners you know get into scraps with strangers? Pot is the peace and love drug, and ’tis the season to be jolly. So let’s all get jolly and take in this week’s sentiments, soliloquies, advice, thoughts and general tweets on the “buy stuff” season and shopping under the influence.

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