Watch: A Republican, a Democrat & an Independent Smoke Weed Together

Politics can be a sticky subject—especially in today’s divided country—but one issue that most of America currently agrees on is weed. With 60 percent of the population supporting legalization and 93 percent supporting medical marijuana, it seems like the one topic that transcends party lines.

But what happens when you put a Republican, a Democrat and an Independent in a room to smoke weed together? Well, our friends over at decided to find out! Watch their awesome video above, and make sure to check out more of their stony social experiments below!

Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time
Grandpas Smoke Weed for the First Time
Parents & Kids Smoke Weed Together for the First Time
Ex-Cops Smoke Weed for the First Time in Decades
People Smoke Weed While on a Blind Date
Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot with Weed Nuns
A Rabbi, a Priest and an Atheist Smoke Weed Together

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