Aubrey Plaza could be the newest weed nun… at least according to Sister Kate and Sister Evie from Sisters of the Valley in the latest ganja-filled video from our friends over at

Plaza, most well-known for her role as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation, joined the two self-proclaimed “weed nuns” for a smoke sesh and cannabis conversation, including a demo on how to trim buds.

“This is called Purple Cream,” said Sister Kate, handing a bag full of dank bud to Plaza. “That’s not for our medicines, that’s for the Sisters’ private medicine cabinet.”

The discussion starts with Plaza asking about the Sisters’ habits, everyone agrees that Jesus probably smoked weed and finally they discuss Plaza’s new movie, The Little Hours, which premiered this year at Sundance and in which Plaza plays an unconventional nun, herself.

“I was really all set to hate that movie,” Sister Kate confessed. “And then I really ended up really liking it… It’s raunchy, but the Catholic League said ‘raunchiest.’ No, it’s not the raunchiest. You haven’t watched any nun porn movies.”

Lots of laughter and a few questions later, the conversation pivots to the Sisters of the Valley and their mission—to grow and produce medical marijuana for those in need in a spiritual environment.

After first clarifying she can still be an actor, Plaza proclaims: “I want to be a weed nun!”

And we’re all for it! Aubrey and Sisters of the Valley, thanks for making stoner fantasies we never even knew we had come true with this video.

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