11 Awesome 4/20 Edibles

Every year, 4/20 grows in size as a spontaneous celebration of cannabis culture grips mainstream society. Much like St. Patrick's Day, everyone wants to get high on 4/20, even people who usually don't indulge.

What better way to enjoy the day than with a THC-infused treat?

As curiosity about the exploding cannabis scene reaches a fever pitch, many people try cannabis for the first time on 4/20, and it's important to observe a few safety tips in order to have a great experience, especially with edibles. If it's your first time trying cannabis edibles, educate yourself and start with a low dose of no more than 10 to 15 milligrams of THC. You don't want to over-consume and end up visiting the emergency room!

Remember, just because your friend can eat a whole Korova brownie with 500 mg of THC, that doesn't mean you can. Everyone's tolerance varies based on your individual metabolism, diet and what else you've eaten that day.

If you're making edibles for 4/20, err on the side of caution and create low-dose treats so that friends can have more than one. Pace yourself throughout the day and drink plenty of water. Avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol. Have a CBD-rich tincture or vape pen on hand if you need to return balance to your high. If you get uncomfortably high, drink some orange juice and chew on 4 to 6 peppercorns, which can help reduce psychedelic distress.

Respect cannabis as a psychedelic that can open your heart to compassion, joy and contentedness when used properly. The celebration of 4/20 isn't about getting as high as possible, it's about gratitude for the beneficial cannabis plant and the experience of sharing it with others. Cannabis brings a caring community together!

Feast your eyes on these THC treats created especially for the 4/20 holiday, and get inspired to make your own!