Watch: How to Make a Weed Highland Latte

Our friends over at are keeping our glass full this holiday season—with booze and bud! Try their latest creation, the Weed Highland Latte!

1 Egg
Punt e Mes (It’s an Italian vermouth, for all y’all about to Google that.)
Weed Scotch
Cynar (This one’s an Italian bitter liquer…)


Step 1—Make Weed Scotch
Add 1/8 oz of weed to 750 ml of scotch. Shake and store for 2 days to 1 month, then strain.

Step 2—Make Cocktail
Separate egg whites from yolk. Pour yolk into glass. Cover and Shake.
Add weed scotch.
Add Cynar and Punt e Mes.
Add a few dashes of bitters.
Pour in egg whites.
Add ice. Cover and shake. Strain into latte mug. Add a dash of bitters and swirl.

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