High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Video: Marijuana vs. Crystal Meth

If there was ever any question about the differences between pot smokers and tweakers on crystal meth, then this cartoon really answers a lot of questions.

5 Weedtastic Instagram Accounts

Instagram is the perfect venue for your weed-related pictures to be shared and celebrated by all. We personally post under @hightimesmagazine. Today we've rounded up some of our amazing friends on Instagram that post some of the dankest pictures around. Check them out...

Gmail Is Back, But We're Not Going Back to Work

So Google flubbed it and Gmail is having outages across the world. "I can't work without my email," you may have exclaimed, to which we would reply, "Of course not!" Roll up a fatty, pack a bowl, load up a dab, or do whatever it is you do and get d...

Snoop Hot Boxes Hotel; Firemen Called

Snoop became the official smokeout king yesterday when he hot boxed a hotel room so well, firemen were called to the scene.

Brad Pitt Gets Quentin Tarantino Stoned in France

Quenton Tarantino tells the story of pitching Brad Pitt on Inglorious Bastards to Jimmy Kimmel. As the story goes, Tarantino traveled to Pitt's wine vineyard in France to discuss the film. Six bottles of wine later, Pitt pulls out "some sort o...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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