High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Want to Trip Without LSD?

This video has been carefully designed to create a strong natural hallucination.

Russell Simmons: Pot Safer Than Tylenol

Although Russell Simmons doesn't actually smoke marijuana, he still thinks it should be legalized. He tells Arsenio why it's a much bigger issue than people may think.

Bone Thugs-n-Yum: Krayzie to Feed the Stoners

Krayzie Bone may not be so crazy it seems. The rapper -- of Bone Thugsn-Harmony fame -- told TMZ he was recently gifted a custom vending machine by a fan and says it inspired him to create his own line of personal vending products to meet the needs of stoners where they n...

5 Videos to Watch When Baked XV

In this weekly segment, the staff here at HIGH TIMES brings you the best vids to watch after indulging.

Behind the Scenes with Bad Words

If there was ever a movie we wanted to watch while baked, it's Bad Words. The TV trailer looks funny as hell, and this featurette is even better. Light up, sit back and take a gander at the funniest asshole of all time:  



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