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Starting in Amsterdam in 1988, HIGH TIMES has been the premier host of cannabis competitions worldwide. Today, we hold Cannabis Cups in over a dozen major cities around the U.S., Europe, Caribbean and Canada. To honor both the history of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup—and the participants who support our events and the movement as a whole—HIGH TIMES has decided to bring back the original, artisan-created Cup trophies that have been at the center of our competition for nearly 30 years.

Beginning in 2017, we are honored to have the esteemed artist and cannabis crusader Alex Grey as our partner in creating artisanal Cannabis Cups for the winners of the most prestigious cannabis awards on Earth. A big welcome goes out to the Alex Grey family – as it does to all of you whom we hope to see at one of our many Cannabis Cup competitions in 2017.

About the Cup Design from the Grey Camp:

Cannabis has stimulated human creativity since the dawn of civilization. Scientist Carl Sagan proposed that cannabis might have been the first cultivated crop.  Evidence of hemp rope has been found in an ancient Taiwanese village dating back to the inception of agriculture about ten thousand years ago. The earliest Chinese garments were made of hemp.

The Egyptian Goddess Seshat, credited as the inventor of written language, is portrayed as a scribe and recognized with a seven-leaf cannabis plant standing straight out of the top of her head. An inscription with Seshat reads, “Seshat will open the gates of heaven for you.”

William Shakespeare’s pipe was found to have contained cannabis.

Cannabis is the most popular illicit inebriant in the world. How did cannabis come to be the long-time friend of humanity? Cannabis affects our cognition and integration of complex information. By opening our minds beyond rational thought, users of cannabis can experience a creative leap of the imagination. Cannabis is at the foundation of jazz and contemporary American music. The most powerful forces of eradication have had no impact in reducing the demand or the ability to obtain cannabis.


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