High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Miss HIGH TIMES August: Julie Etzel

We first met Julie Etzel last year at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI. She was all smiles at the Arborside dispensary booth, making people happy with marijuana medicine. Currently, Julie serves fellow Michiganders as Arborside’s assistant manager in ...

Dan Skye's Biggest Pot Gardens

Over the course of my career at HIGH TIMES, I’ve visited all shapes and sizes of gardens, from closets to colossal acreages. I remember the first really “big” garden I saw. It was 1996. The grow op was located in a small warehouse on the outskirts of Ams...

Glass Artist of the Month: AKM

AKM’s artistry, coupled with an aggressive approach on the torch, have come to define his unique style.

Strain Family: The Cookie Crosses

Check out the terpene and cannabinoid profiles from the coveted Girl Scout Cookies and some of its crosses. Everyone knows they like cookies, but contradicting stories about their lineage plague the community.

Gallery: Mutant Leaves and Zombie Weed

Check out this photo gallery of mutant marijuana leaves and zombie weed.

Strain Family Gallery: Jack Herer Hybrids

Take a glimpse into these buds and to see some of the defining factors that separate one strain from another. This Strain Family shows lab results of Jack Herer and a few Jack Herer crosses, allowing you to see where certain traits come from in hybrid strains. Check out t...

2015 HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup Denver: Top 10 CBD Edibles

See which CBD Edibles made it into our Top 10 at the 2015 HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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