If you’re looking for a cheap, easy and non-explosive way to make dabs at home, consider the Rosin Technique. With Rosin Tech, you can achieve clean, dabbable, solventless hash simply by using heat and pressure.

All you need to get started making Rosin dabs is a cheap flatiron, some parchment paper and some resinous pot. And, it’s completely safe to make Rosin dabs in your home.

If you’re looking to step up your game, consider the Tarik Rosin Do It Yourself Oil Extractor. Tarik Rosin boasts an LCD display and temperature controls so you can dial in how much heat to use to make your dabs. And, the larger surface area on the Tarik Rosin Extractor means you can work with larger amounts of pot per press.

Check out tarikrosin.com for more information on the DIY Extractor and visit hightimes.com to learn more about Rosin Technique presses.