Strain Review: Princess Leia

Strain: Princess Leia from Pure West Compassion Club / LightSky Farms

Lineage: (DeathStar x Space Jill)

Tools: Santa Cruz Shredder, Raw Rolling Tray, Raw Rolling Papers, Clipper Lighter  

Visuals/Bag Appeal: 3.75/5
Frosty, nice healthy green with long red hairs. Chunky, semi-dense buds, decent trim job. Visible frost with the naked eye on stem alone. Under magnification, I see lots cloudy trichomes, and some amber ones starting. Great dry and cure. Grinds well; won't clump up when you grind it. Nice solid, conical, round bud structure.

Aroma: 4.25/5
Spicy/Funky/Fruity/Hazy/Cheesy/Hashy. Definitely has that "TGA Smell" of Apollo 13, Vortex, or Space Queen to it. That certain Gas Tank / Tire Rubber aroma of DeathStar aroma doesn't really come through in this strain as much as one would think. This phenotype definitely takes on more traits of the Space Jill than it does DeathStar.

Taste: 4/5
On the dry pull, I tasted almost EXACTLY what I smelled emanating from the full jar of this strain. It has a weird spicy/sweet vomit taste that's pretty unique. Again, no trace of Death Star anywhere in the aroma, or flavor. Once the joint was lit, the flavor slightly changed to a sweet/hashy/funky wet gym sock in a locker, with a slightly rancid aftertaste. Very reminiscent of Apollo 13 and Vortex. Might sound nasty, but those weird smells and taste in real life smell and taste so much better when they are in cannabis or cannabis concentrates. It's weird, but delicious!

Ash/Burn/Flush: 4/5
Light-grey fluffy ash, smooth burn, great flush, no harsh burning sensation in the back of my throat. Pretty impressive. Burns even and clean. The grower did a great job flushing this strain. Looking forward to more strains from this grower.

Effect: 4/5
Clear-headed, focused, energetic, and sensitive to sound and light. Slightly mellowed and relaxed at the same time as if it relieved my stress. This strain is a good daytime functioning high for those who enjoy getting high, but don't like the heavy onset of some strains. Don't let this high go to waste, do something! Run errands, go clean, cook, or play some PS4. This strain makes whatever your going to do more enjoyable.

Overall: 4/5
Great trichome coverage and maturity, phenomenal aroma that is incredibly exotic, very unique flavor, clean ash and burn, and an amazing high to top it off. Definitely a strain everyone should experience. Even if the aroma and taste sound weird, it's something worth trying at least once. If you know one of those ignorant people who "only put OG in their lungs," then they might not like this. But if you are all about different exotic aromas and flavors, this might be something you won't mind smoking. Expand your palette. 

Disclosure: Pure West Compassion Club in Holland, MI, flew me out all-expenses-paid to check out the products on their shelves, take pictures of some buds, and review some of the medicine they provide.

Looking forward to going back out there August 22 for the High Times Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup


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