High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


4 Emergency Camping Bongs

You're in the woods and the bong breaks. Everybody panic! Calm down, we got you. Here's four emergency bongs you can make with everyday stuff.

Pot Prices: May 2014 THMQ

The US Price Index continued to rise after hitting a record low of $286 in March, finishing May at $314 an ounce (+$12 from April). While the Kind and Mids indices essentially held steady, the Schwag Index ended May $17 above its previous month’s average, and Girl S...

Looking for Love? My420Mate.com is Here

With the advent of legalized marijuana in Colorado and Washington, the lifestyle of the weed enthusiast has slowly risen from the underground, even in states where cannabis remains illegal. The reverberations of the newfound industry have produced novel necessities like p...

Denver Top 10: US Edibles 2014

We put together our rankings of the top ten in each category of competition at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup with some stats. Check out the Top 10 US Edibles from Denver.

Denver Top 10: Medical Edibles 2014

Check out the Top 10 Medical Edibles from the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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