High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


10 Signs You're a Cannabinerd

You've got a bong, a rig, a torch, a drawer full of pot, an undying love of all things related to weed... But what distinguishes a true cannabinerd from the garden-variety marijuana aficonado? Here are the top 10 signs that you are a real-life geek for ganja.

6 1/2 Things You Didn’t Know About HIGH TIMES

In a rainy spring night in 1974, an unmarked panel truck with Pennsylvania plates rolled out of the Holland Tunnel onto Manhattan’s wet streets and headed uptown, finally pulling over at an address in Greenwich Village. Three young men met the driver at the curb to ...

The Original HIGH TIMES Business Cards

I must admit it feels pretty good to have launched a magazine which is now celebrating 40 years of publication and is recognized as an American icon. Due to changing social mores and political trends it is more successful than ever. (I've not been involved with it for...

HIGH TIMES Legal Directory

Our state-by-state directory identifies legal representatives dedicated to defending your rights.

Glass Artist of the Month: Ace

It was 12 years ago when Ace turned on her first torch She says she knew immediately that glass art was “her path.”



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
A company calling itself High Times Travel LLC (hightimestravel.com) has illegally infringed on the HIGH TIMES trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle.

This company is not affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine in any way. If you have purchased a travel package from High Times Travel LLC please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing us at travelcomplaint@hightimes.com