High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Official Support: Assemblyman Steve Katz (R-NY)

Does the government support legalization? Each week, Official Support profiles lawmakers that are publicly weighing in on weed.

Cannabis Connoisseurs: New Market Will Help Educate Buyers

As Colorado entrepreneurs look for creative ways to meet the needs of higher end consumers, marijuana-themed versions of wine tastings, food pairings and even ratings systems are emerging in the growing pot tourism marketplace.

Tripping Creatures: How Sheep Get Stoned

It’s not just humans who have a universal drive to find mind-altering substances. HIGH TIMES investigates the animal kingdom for examples of critters who love to trip.

The Etymology Of Marijuana Slang

Weed, pot, bud, Mary Jane -- the list of slang terms for marijuana goes on and on, having evolved over the years with culture itself. Slate takes us on a journey back in time, following the etymology of the good time known as marijuana.

Gone Fishin’ with Bobby Tuna

How often do you get to spend a beautiful Florida day on the ocean with one of your heroes? Whatever that probability is, divide it by three and that’s the day I just got to enjoy just off the coast of West Palm Beach. But business before pleasure, they say, so let ...



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