High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Why Weed is Better Than Sex

The eternal question answered in song.

Ann Coulter Debates Cheech And Chong on Legalizing Marijuana

Back in 2009, Cheech and Chong were still some of the loudest and most profound activists of legalizing marijuana. It's interesting to look back at this clip and see that in many ways, we are still fighting the same battles around the country -- fo...

Stoner Sex: Celibacy, Unwanted Acts, Economics & Pain

Hyapatia Lee answers all of your questions regarding cannabis and sexuality.

5 Videos to Watch When Baked XXI

In this weekly segment, the staff here at HIGH TIMES brings you the best vids to watch after indulging.

Psychedelicatessen: Ganja Glazed Nuts

Auntie D’s Sweet & Spicy Nuts are glazed with a ganja infusion that’s sweet and savory, with deep umami flavors for a very satisfying snack!



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