High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Canna-Chic at the Cup

The age of the sartorial stoner has arrived. Fashionable friends came out in droves to enjoy the San Francisco Cannabis Cup and show off their style. High Times spotted several pot-leaf couture outfits, including a very snazzy shirt on Dr. Mike Aldrich, winner of the Lest...

San Fran Medical Cannabis Cup: Pups of the Cup

Canna-canines of all shapes and sizes roamed the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup on Saturday with their smiling owners. High Times met several service dogs, a pit bull puppy named Biggie, and a MAPS mascot! Here are some of our Pups of the Cup:

Weed People: Top Shelf Extracts' Dan de Sailles

Dan de Sailles, the founder of Denver’s award-winning extraction kitchen Top Shelf Extracts, discusses challenges for marijuana-related businesses.

The Miss HIGH TIMES Website Is Back!

Created in 2005 by HIGH TIMES senior editor Bobby Black, the Miss High Times contest is our way of shining a spotlight on some of the country’s cutest, coolest stoner chicks.

How to Fix the Stoned Driving Conundrum

Now that we’re moving from the “if we’re going to legalize marijuana” into the “when and how” phase, one obstacle facing the marijuana movement is the debate over so-called “stoned driving.” If we’re going to win this ...



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