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More Illegal than Marijuana? 5 Weird Colorado Laws

Every state has some quirky laws. While Colorado led the marijuana legalization charge nationwide with Amendment 64 to the state constitution, that doesn’t mean residents are free to do anything they want. Here are five odd things that are now more illegal than pot ...

The Best Smoke Trick Vines

YouTube user EasyBreeze collected some of the best smoke-tick Vines around, and we've been smoking up a storm trying them out for ourselves. Take a look, then send us some of your faves:

2014 HIGH TIMES SF Medical Cannabis Cup Edible Entries

Check out the delicious Edible Entries from the 2014 San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on June 28-29, 2014.

5 More Life Hacks for Stoners

Being a stoner has its life challenges and we're here to make it just that much easier for you with these life hacks for the marijuana enthusiast. Check out a few useful tips from around the web and comment below with your own!

10 Strange but True Marijuana Stories from 2014

As Colorado wraps up its sixth month of legal recreational marijuana sales, we at The Cannabist are looking back at those six months to see what we’ve gleaned in that intensely brief amount of time.



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