High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Atlantic City: CHAMPS East Trade Show

HIGH TIMES landed in Atlantic City yesterday to visit the fourth installment of CHAMPS East at the convention center. Tons of counterculture tidbits were on display. Here's some of the best:

Meeting the Devil Himself: Kevin Sabet

From what I could tell, Kevin Sabet, 35, is an unlikely underworld figure. He grew up comfortably in Orange County, CA, the editor of the high school paper and a member of the tennis team. Watching him debate drug policy on various YouTube clips, in various forums, he bri...

NPR’s 13 Spiffy Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Parallel to a booming marijuana industry comes an increase in its job opportunities.

Poll: How Do You Get High?

Over time, human beings have devised many ways to get high. So what’s your favorite "delivery system”?

5 Reasons The Po-Po Want to Legalize Marijuana

Rolling Stone did a great piece called 'Five Reasons Cops Want To Legalize Marijuana' and it's worth a few minutes of your time to read.



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