High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Where is Public Support for Marijuana Industry?

A recent and well-publicized Gallup poll indicates that 58% of the population supports the legalization of marijuana use. But, critics ask, what about public support for legalizing marijuana’s manufacture and distribution?  This is not just a snarky retort ...

High Maintenance: Olivia

You loved Stevie, so here's another video from the High Maintenance:

RIP Jeffrey Kassner

On October 2nd 2013, the glass community lost an amazing artist, Jeffrey Kassner, a.k.a. Nodice.

Red Sox's Bill "Spaceman" Lee

Danny Danko interviews left-handed pitcher Bill Lee, known as "The Spaceman" for his countercultural leanings, outspoken beliefs and quirky pitching style. Upon turning 60, he muses about playing for the Red Sox and Expos, as well as smoking pot with George W. B...

High Maintenance: Stevie

This has been floating around the office for a while and is always good for a laugh. Tell us if you like it and we'll post more.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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