High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 02.19.16

Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of February 19, 2016.

Former News Anchor Charlo Greene Aims to Be the 'Oprah of Pot' with New Show

Former TV news anchor turned marijuana activist, Charlo Greene—who famously quipped "fuck it, I quit" before marching off the set of Anchorage's KTVA back in 2014—has plans to return to the airwaves. 

Explore Europe's Coolest Green Light District

The anarchist community of Freetown Christiania has thrived in Denmark—notoriously—since the 1970s. But its infamous Green Light District is under siege.  

Life Hack: 10 Stoner-Friendly Household Items

Throughout history, cannabis users have been known to work with what’s available to them. Whether it’s finding a new way to smoke or a way to keep their hands clean, there are different household items that can be used as tools and shortcuts for certain cannab...

Cancer Patient Shares How He Illegally Healed Himself with Medical Pot

Three months ago, an unidentified Pennsylvania man's story about breaking the law to use medical marijuana went viral. Now, that man has come forward to share his identity, to give an update on his health and to deliver a message to lawmakers.  



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