High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


10 Shots of Harvest Season in the Emerald Triangle

What defines the Emerald Triangle more than anything is the fact that the three counties depend upon cannabis to nourish the local economies.

UN Agency Scolds US States Over Legalization, Again

As marijuana legalization measures continue to pass state by state, including the recent legislature in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime attempts to thwart the momentum by offering a public scolding.

Pot Barons of Colorado to Air on MSNBC

HIGH TIMES Gets Sneak Preview of MSNBC’s New Series, “Pot Barons of Colorado."

Holiday Gift Guide Pt. I: Accoutrements for Aficionados

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to show that special stoner in their life how much they care about them. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a compendium of stoner gift lists. Check out our holiday recommendations for every kind of stoner under the stoner...

NYPD Goes Rogue on Pot

The NYPD has a new directive to fine citizens for cannabis possession instead of arresting them, but how are they and other officials reacting to the new policy set forth by Mayor De Blasio? By chastising and not doing their jobs. Senior Cultivation Editor, Danny Danko, o...



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