Getting a New York Medical Marijuana Card Just Got Easy, Here’s How

New York Medical Marijuana Card

There are but a few (and none but one has been properly vetted or recommended by patients) options for getting your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana in New York.

Here, we will take you through the entire process found at ThoughtfulDoctors, where getting a referral  for a doctor who can prescribe medical marijuana is fantastically simple and easy.

Bonus: ThoughtfulDoctors  also helps you understand the process required to get your medical marijuana in New York. They connect you with legal, state-regulated marijuana dispensaries near you once you have received your recommendation and card.


Here’s the Best Way to Get Your New York Medical Marijuana Card Super Quick:

  1. Go to and put in your email address and phone number.
  2. A specialist from Thoughtful Doctors will contact you to via email to understand your needs.
  3. The specialist will recommend you to a New York certified doctor that can prescribe cannabis for you.
  4. There is no charge for our service – we are paid by the doctors.
  5. If you are approved the specialist will walk you through the process of how to go from the doctor’s appointment to actually getting legal Cannabis.

Per New York law, recommendation letters (AKA certification, weed card, prop 215 card cannabis card, etc.) are good for one year from the date on the letter, and then you will be required to obtain a medical cannabis card renewal.

While that may seem like a pain, it’s refreshing to know that you can go through this same simple process again next year!

However, New York also stipulates that patients follow up at least every 90 days with the same physician that issued their recommendation, so you’ll want to schedule a follow-up appointment (which our specialist will help you with) after completing your initial 420 evaluation.

Now here’s the question I know is on your mind…

After Being Approved, How Do You Get Medical Marijuana in New York?

New York Marijuana Laws

Let’s start with the rules for marijuana access:

  1. Those with a medical marijuana card may only purchase approved types of medical marijuana sold only at state-monitored dispensaries associated with the five registered organizations in New York.
  2. The types of medical marijuana available for legal purchase and consumption are liquids, oils for vaporizing, inhalers or capsules.
  3. Per New York law, edibles and smoking the flowers of the cannabis plants are still illegal and are not included in the approved medical marijuana types.

So, where can you buy medical marijuana in New York? The answer is at registered organizations.

Registered organizations may legally cultivate, manufacture and dispense approved medical marijuana products in the state. They must meet the highest quality standards in New York State. Final products must be tested for their cannabinoid profile and pesticides or other contaminants. They also must adhere to New York’s product and dispensing label requirements, which include, but are not limited to, warnings of potential allergens which may be in the product, warnings of adverse effects, contraindications and much more. Each registered organization is valid for two years, unless they violate any part of their agreement.

According to Assembly Bill 6357, there may only be five registered organization in the state, and each registered organization can have up to four dispensing facilities, which must be owned and operated by the registered organization. These facilities must report dispensing information to the New York State Prescription Monitoring Program Registry. They also must consult with the registry before dispensing approved medical marijuana products to certified patients or their designated caregivers.

Each registered organization can sell up to five brands of medical marijuana. One brand must be low-THC and high-CBD, and another brand must contain equal amounts of THC and CBD. They also are banned from selling the unprocessed whole flower. Additionally, they must adhere to the marijuana pricing policies of the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.


Here Is a List of the Five Registered Organizations and Their Associated Dispensaries:

Bloomfield Industries, Inc.
Bloomfield Industries does not refer to their dispensaries as retail areas, instead calling them Patient Resource Centers. They currently have three locations but will be opening their fourth location in Manhattan soon. They recommend making an appointment to ensure short wait times and the best service possible

Available Locations:

Williamsville (serving the Buffalo-area)
52 South Union Road, Suite 102

Salina (serving the Syracuse-area)
1304 Buckley Road, Suite 106

Lake Success
2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite W75

Columbia Care NY LLC
Columbia Care NY has four dispensaries in New York, providing premium product and education. You will need to schedule an appointment or attend their very specific walk-in hours each week.

Available Locations:

New York City
212 E 14th Street

1333 E Main Street

345 Cornelia Street

200 West Ridge Road

Etain LLC
Etain is a family-owned, as well as female-owned, business providing safe and consistent products with a high level of compassionate care through their four dispensaries. Appointments are highly encouraged and can be scheduled online.

Tip: Be sure to pay particular attention to their days and hours of operation.

Available Locations:

402 North Pearl Street

445 State Route 28

2140 Erie Boulevard East

55 Main Street

PharmaCannis LLC
PharmaCannis has an impressive website with a wealth of information and four dispensaries to serve clients.

Available Locations:

25 Northpointe Parkway, Suite #30

642 Old Liverpool Road

10 Executive Park Drive

405 Huntspoint Avenue

Vireo Health of New York LLC
Vireo’s major focus is on safety and precision. They also offer online ordering and delivery from their four dispensaries, but you must make an in-person or online appointment before you can purchase approved medical marijuana.

Available Locations:

White Plains
221-223 E. Post Road
*only accepts cash payments

89-55 Queens Boulevard
*only accepts cash payments

589 Harry L Drive
Johnson City, NY
*only accepts cash payments

38 Fuller Road


Frequently Asked Questions Related to Medical Marijuana in New York

Medical Marijuana License New York

  1. What conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in New York?
    Cancer, HIV positive status, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, spasticity, Huntington’s disease and neuropathy. Chronic pain is also now a qualifying condition.
  2. Where can I find a registered doctor?
  3. What if my primary care physician is not registered with the medical marijuana program?
    Your doctor can refer you to a physician who is registered with the New York Medical Marijuana Program or you can use a telemedicine service to get your certification.
  4. What types of marijuana are allowed?
    New York State allows liquids, vape oil, inhalers and capsules. The smoking of cannabis and edibles are both illegal in New York—even with a medical marijuana card.
  5. Can I grow my own marijuana if I have a New York Medical Marijuana Card?
    No. The Compassion Care Act does not allow private cultivation of marijuana in New York.
  6. How much medical marijuana can I purchase at one time?
    You may purchase up to 30-days’ worth of approved medical marijuana from a state-regulated dispensary, owned and operated by one of the five registered organizations in New York.
  7. Once I get certification from a registered practitioner, how do I get a medical marijuana card?
    You will need to complete an application for a New York Medical Marijuana Card through the Health Department’s online system You will also have to pay a $50 application fee and submit proof of identity and residency, in additional to your written certification from a registered doctor.
  8. When will my card arrive?
    Once your application has been successfully submitted and approved (watch for any follow-ups via email or regular mail regarding missing documents or clarification), you will receive your card within three business days.
  9. Where can I purchase my medical marijuana?
    You can buy your medical marijuana through any of the dispensaries owned and operated by the five registered organizations in New York: Bloomfield Industries, Inc., Columbia Care NY LLC, Etain LLC, PharmaCannis LLC, and Vireo Health of New York LLC.
  10. What if I am unable to go to the dispensary physically?
    Some dispensaries have delivery and online appointments. You can also add up to two caregivers (you will need to do this when you complete your application) who are authorized to pick-up medical marijuana on your behalf.
  11. Will all dispensing facilities have the same products?
    All registered organizations can sell up to five brands of medical marijuana in different approved forms (liquid, vape oil, capsule and inhaler). One of those brands must be a low-THC/high-CBD product, and at least one brand must contain equal amounts of THC and CBD. Each registered organization will likely have different products but should carry similar stock at each of their associated dispensaries.
  12. Can I use my out-of-state medical marijuana card to purchase medical marijuana while I am in New York?
    No. Only patients with a New York Medical Marijuana Card may purchase legal medical marijuana in approved New York dispensaries.

So there you have it, folks.

This massive essay should serve as everything you’ll ever need to know about becoming a licensed medical marijuana patient in New York.

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