Choice quotes from the High Times interview archives

Not every pot-smoking celebrity has the guts to talk to High Times. We only get the ones who really love the plant and want everyone to know. Still, over the past three decades, some of the biggest and coolest names in music, movies, literature, pot, and politics have all sat down for a sesh with our reporters, and given the unique headspace most of these conversations take place within, you just never know what's going to get said in a HIGH TIMES interview.

Here's a few of our "greatest hits" from over the years.

"When I think about the people I have smoked pot with, they're such an eclectic mix of people, and I probably never would have spoken to a lot of them if it weren't for pot. Alcohol doesn't bring people together like that."
"I know what people spend on drugs. You've got to look it up in High Times. It's a fortune. Grass is a hundred dollars an ounce-a hundred and fifty dollars for an ounce of grass. It's unbelievable."

"I think that marijuana should not only be legal, I think it should be a cottage industry. It would be wonderful for the state of Maine.... What we've got up there are lobsters, potatoes, and a lot of poor people. My wife says, and I agree with her, that what would be really great for Maine would be to legalize dope completely and set up dope stores the way that there are state-run liquor stores. You could get your Acapulco Gold or your whatever it happened to be-your Augusta Gold or your Bangor Gold. And people would come from all the other states to buy it, and there could be a state tax on it. Then everybody in Maine could have a Cadillac."