My Friends,

Throughout my entire campaign, I’ve tried to inspire hope and spread a positive message to stoners everywhere—that they matter, that their persecution cannot and will not go unchallenged, and that by speaking out and working together we can bring change to Washington and make a real difference in our national drug policy. I’ve clearly laid out my philosophy, my platform, and have kept the discussion on the issues.


My opponent Pakelika, however, has not. Several weeks ago,  we participated in the first ever HIGH TIMES presidential debate. Unfortuntely, my opponent used this historic opportunity not to address the concerns of America’s stoner constituency and offer solutions, but rather to attempt to belittle my achievements, smear my character, and insult my integrity as a stoner. His wild, gesticulatory antics and foolish banter turned a serious political forum into what can only be described as a circus. As if his behavior wasn’t reprehensible enough, he has now aired this negative attack ad: 



I find it ironic that a man who tours the world with one of the most popular stoner hip-hop bands in history has the audacity to attack me for being a celebrity. My friends, all you need to do is look at our records to see who the real freedom fighter is, and who is merely spouting hollow catchphrases to promote his latest album (The Smokin’ Word, available now on iTunes and at


Who is Pakelika? How much do we really know about this self-described "Visual Assassin"? Can we really trust a man who hides behind a mask? I say, if he’s asking for your vote, the least he can do is show you his face. Therefore, I challenge Pakelika to publicly remove his mask and join me in a town hall style debate, and let the stoners ask the questions and decide for themselves.





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