High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Prosecutors Blamed Michael Brown’s Killing on Dabs

Did marijuana lead Michael Brown into a drug-fueled rage that made him attack Officer Darren Wilson last August, leading to Wilson shooting and killing the unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri?  

8 States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana Next

The results of the November election taught marijuana supporters a valuable lesson: that as long as the federal government continues to allow individual states to legalize cannabis, citizens will show up to the polls to push forward marijuana reform, as Alaska, Orego...

2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Results

 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Results

Final Day Closes on Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

The final day of seminars resonated deeply with the crowd today from the very start.  Although there is a long day ahead, the first seminar of the day, which was slated to start at 12:30, was packed.   

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Giving Thanks

The final day of Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is here, offering a schedule packed with informative seminars and an evening crowned with the winners of this year’s accolades and a killer show featuring Rebelution and Dirty Heads.



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