High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle: Day Two Winds Down

Day two is coming to a close here in Everett. This year's US Cannabis Cup is a unmitigated success. As the vendors wind down, the stage is coming to life. Next up? The 2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle awards show, during which we will find out who has won top honors. We w...

2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle: Day Two is in Effect

Yesterday was a long day, but the crowd here in Everett is unaffected and having a ball. The seminars are packed with patrons interested in learning more about medicine and the booming industry of marijuana.

2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle Day Two Begins

Day two dawned bright and warm this morning, and everyone is ready to keep the party going. Yesterday was epic, topped off by The Wailers treating the audience to every song off the Legend album. As expected, they were amazing.

2014 US Cannabis Cup Seattle: Ready for Tonight!

The day is coming to a close here in Everett, but Cup attendees are nowhere near done. The Wailers will hit the stage at 8pm tonight and vendors will continue vending until show time.  

US HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Seattle: Day One is Booming

Attendance at this year's Seattle Cannabis Cup has brought in the crowds. There's nothing but a sea of stony smiles under bright blue skies here, and we're only getting started.



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