High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Lebanon's Legalization Push

Lebanon's longtime leader of the Druze ethnicity, Walid Jumblatt, now an MP with the Progressive Socialist Party, has emerged as Lebanon's foremost voice for cannabis legalization.

Colorado’s Summary on Marijuana Health Effects

The state of Colorado has compiled a comprehensive, 188-page report that summarizes most of the medical findings to date related to consuming cannabis. Looking at nearly every aspect of its effects, the report left almost no stone unturned regarding the effect o...

How to Avoid Police? Stay Low Tech

It has become a priority for agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and even your local police force, to not only tap into the digital world, but stay ahead of it, in an effort to clandestinely combat the War on Drugs. So, while the latest smartphone technolo...

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: Feb 2

President Obama said last week that he believes more states will continue to legalize marijuana, but he did not reveal any plans to do this on a federal level. Therefore, until Uncle Sam gets serious about the repeal of prohibition, it looks as though it is up to each sta...

America's Smartest Cities Love Pot

America's three smartest cities have one thing in common: marijuana.



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