High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Paying Marijuana Tax = Confession to Breaking Federal Law?

There is a interesting legal conundrum now underway in Colorado, which has resulted in a controversial court case that claims anyone who pays taxes on marijuana is offering a confession to Uncle Sam that they have been willingly breaking federal law.

Can This Marijuana-Infused Oil Heighten Female Orgasm?

Talking openly about sexuality is even more taboo than speaking plainly about your marijuana use, and Foria founder Mathew Gerson understands that his brand-new product occupies that very awkward crossroads where the two meet.

Busted for Weed While Reading the Book "Don't Get Busted"

Just as owning a body of Friedrich Nietzsche’s work will not magically transform a reader into a wise philosopher, simply possessing a book by HIGH TIMES’ old friend Ed Rosenthal cannot provide a shield against the long and pesky hand of the law.

Scavenger Hunt for Free Marijuana is Happening Now

Vancouver is no stranger to the wild world of weed. Especially, since residents there learned of a mysterious Twitter user who has been planting nuggets of free marijuana all over the city, and then posting clues to its weedy whereabouts under the social media moniker @Hi...

Website Offers Contest Winners Free Weed for a Year

Nothing makes people happier than free weed. At least this appears to be the hope of a new Canadian website, who as part of their “Get Happy Canada” contest, plans to award one lucky patient with a one year’s supply of complimentary medical marijuana.



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