High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Family Seeks Federal Review Of SWAT Raid That Left Tot In Coma

A Georgia family and state lawmakers are demanding a federal investigation into the case of a toddler severely injured by a flash grenade during a drug raid May 28. Bounkham Phonesavanh -- 19 months old, and nicknamed Bou Bou -- remains in a medically induced coma at the ...

Washington State Recreational Sales Begin In July

For the past six months, the green-eyed focus of the recreational marijuana industry has been on Colorado, yet it seems the entire nation has forgotten about Washington State.

DEA Threatens Doctors Affiliated With Medical Marijuana

The Drug Enforcement Administration continues to push forward with its underhanded harassment tactics by threatening physicians with the loss of prescription privileges if the do not abandon their medical marijuana affiliations.

Washington Paying Motorists to Submit to Drug Test

Marijuana users in Washington state are now at high risk of being charged with stoned driving simply by participating in an illusionary law enforcement tactic disguised as paid market research.  

Florida Police Leave Note After Vehicle Search

The dastardly underbelly of Florida law enforcement has risen from the proverbial slop bucket and unleashed a vile level of illegal search despicable enough to force Lady Justice into exchanging her blindfold for a chastity belt.  



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