High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Companies Selling Stoners With Subtle Advertising

It may be awhile before national corporations blatantly target the stoner market with mainstream advertising campaigns, but many companies have found a way to infiltrate the late-night psyche of the cannabis cult insurgence by producing commercials with subliminal message...

10 Marijuana Myths Exposed

The next time you’re in that conversation with the person who’s dissing marijuana legalization, you can deliver these knockout statistics to shut them up.

Daily Show: Bacon and Velveeta Shortage for Stoner Bowl

Jon Stewart reports that there will be shortages of both Velveeta and bacon during the weekend of this year's historic Stoner Bowl; smokers nationwide weep quietly.

Medical Experts: Smoking Weed Is Better Than THC Pills

Pills have become the standard in regards to how the majority of medicine is administered. But in the case of medical marijuana, most research finds it to be the least effective method.

The Atlantic: Marijuana Ruins Families

The Atlantic would have you believe that marijuana ruins families. One of their recent articles by a writer using the pseudonym Leah Allen tugs at the heart strings of anyone reading. It talks of abuse -- both substance and physical. It discusses a father, absent from his...



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