High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


CARERS Act Stalled in Senate, Prohibitionist-Led Discussion Planned Instead

While the bi-partisan CARERS Act—geared towards nationwide marijuana reform—has been left to linger in political purgatory for over a year, one congressional gatekeeper is apparently more interested in slandering the concept of marijuana legalization...

Bernie Sanders: "Pot Should Not Be a Federal Crime"

Bernie Sanders, who wants to to decriminalize and reschedule marijuana, said marijuana should not be a federal crime at a campaign rally in Wisconsin.  

Confusing State Marijuana Laws Lead to Unjust Raids

Michigan's legislature needs to enact clearer laws regulating the cannabis industry—the current law does not address the legality of dispensaries and does not allow for marijuana to be sold from them. 

District of Columbia Could Be Allowed Retail Pot Sales in 2017

Although congressional powers have done their best to prevent legal weed from being sold in the backyard of the White House, a recent verdict by a judge in the D.C. Superior Court has put District lawmakers in a position to begin considering a taxed and regulated pot mark...

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: April 4

It was a busy week in the fight to reform the marijuana laws in the United States. Some of the biggest news comes from Ohio, where a highly publicized ballot measure has been cleared for signatures. There was also some progress in Illinois to decriminalize marijuana, as w...



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