High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Louisiana Set to Legalize Functional Medical Marijuana Program

Although medical marijuana has been legal in Louisiana for nearly four decades, the language of the law has prevented anyone from gaining access to the herb. But that all stands to change now that the State Legislature has put its stamp of approval on a bill designed to a...

Anti-Drug Death-Squad Boss Elected President of Philippines?

Presidential election results in the Philippines came in May 10, and the bombastic anti-crime hard-liner Rodrigo Duterte appears to be the winner. 

In Post-Legalization CO, Racist Marijuana Arrests Persist

Racist marijuana arrests continue in Colorado. 

Survey Show Legal Marijuana Is More Popular Than Presidential Candidates

A new survey from Quinnipac University shows that legalizing cannabis has a higher approval rating than any of the presidential candidates in three key presidential swing states.   

Ohio House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Ohio House passes medical marijuana bill. 



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