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Michigan State Police Lab Falsely Reports to Help Prosecutors Get Felony Convictions

While most Americans are in favor of reforming marijuana laws across the United States, law enforcement agencies have continued to work diligently with prosecutors to devise underhanded scams that will ensure more people go to prison for weed.  

WATCH: Audience Member Has the Best Reaction to Sanders' Pot Announcement

On Wednesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stole the spotlight from the GOP debate by announcing that if elected, he plans to remove marijuana from the federal drug list.   

Republican Debate Barely Hits Marijuana Question

While it was predicted that the presidential candidates would be forced to speak out in regard to marijuana reform during Wednesday night’s Republican debate, it was somewhat disheartening, yet not altogether surprising, to watch the issue downplayed in true GOP fas...

Republicans On Reefer: Marijuana Probably an Issue In Tonight’s Debate

The elephant-eared candidates of the presidential grind house are set to battle it out tonight in Boulder, Colorado in what will be the third Republican debate. Although mainstream media reports indicate that tonight’s public interrogation will focus on th...



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