High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


CO Passes Law Allowing Medical Marijuana in Schools

Jack's Law allows medical marijuana in Colorado schools. 

Freed Pot Prisoner on a Mission to Reform Missouri's Brutal Weed Laws

Jeff Mizanskey was a pot prisoner in Missouri for 20 years, and now works to legalize medical marijuana in the state. 

Colorado: City Council Attempts to Keep Denver From Smelling Like Weed

In response to citizens who believe Denver is beginning to smell too much like marijuana, the City Council has approved a revamped ordinance intended to strengthen the municipality’s policy on odor management. 

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Expanding Access to CBD Oil

On Wednesday, Alabama's Governor Robert Bentley signed a bill into law that gives patients with seizures and other debilitating conditions the freedom to possess CBD oil in the state without fear of prosecution.  

Oakland Passes Ambitious New Medical Marijuana Measure

On Wednesday, Oakland's City Council voted unanimously to approve a measure expanding the number of cannabis dispensaries and related businesses operating in the city. The new law seeks to bring the existing black market under the city's regulatory regime, coverin...



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