In an attempt to combat the country’s drug-trafficking problem, officials in Uruguay say they will begin selling legalized marijuana to its citizens for $1 per gram in 2014. That is considerable lower than the $2.50 estimation the country’s drug czar reported last year.

The law to establish a government-regulated and operated marijuana industry was approved earlier this week in the lower house of Congress, which will serve to make Uruguay the first country in the world to license and implement guidelines for the production, distribution and sale of marijuana for adult consumers.

Drug chief Julio Calzada says that marijuana sales are expected to begin around the second half of 2014 and be sold for $1 per gram, which is a whole lot less than what medical marijuana dispensaries sell it in the United States -- prices can range from $8 to $14 per gram.

He says that the measure is not intended to make money, but to create a market that will prove hostile for the illegal drug trade. "The illegal market is very risky and of poor quality," said Calzada. “The State is going to offer a safe place to buy a quality product and on top of that, it's going to sell it at the same price."

Marijuana sales will be conducted for locals only, who will reportedly be permitted to purchase 40 grams per month.

Chiefing it up in Uruguay has been legal for sometime, but the act of growing, carrying, buying or selling has come with stiff prison sentences. Calzada says he feels confident this measure will serve as an excellent alternative to the war on drugs.

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