It seems as if someone is already putting Washington State’s new marijuana legalization initiative to the test – by sending pot to Kmart. Despite Washington voters passing I-502 last November, the superstore has no intention of getting into the cannabis business.


According to police, a package containing 10 pounds of marijuana was delivered to the stock room of a Kmart in Seattle.


The pot was wrapped in garbage bags and covered with packing peanuts and pages from a Korean newspaper that had been soaked in cleaning fluid in an apparent attempt to cover the smell of the marijuana.


A Kmart staffer called the cops to report the bundle of weed, which was shipped from Los Angeles to Philadelphia but ended up at a Seattle Kmart because the sender used it as the return address.


Local cops couldn’t resist an attempt at humor using the headline “Today’s Blue Light Special: 10 Pounds of Weed,” on their official blog.


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