By Ricardo Baca

As Colorado wraps up its sixth month of legal recreational marijuana sales, The Cannabist is looking back at those six months to see what has been gleaned in that intensely brief amount of time.

One thing we’ve learned: Businessmen and women are striking while the iron is hot.

If ever there was a time to launch your marijuana-oriented business it’s now. People are risking their life savings on ideas that could flop or thrive -- and some of those ideas are particularly compelling given their ties to normalization.

Here are 10 strange but true stories from the first six months of 2014 -- from Colorado, California, Washington and beyond:

1. THC between the sheets: Some folks won’t be comfortable talking about Foria in public. So what is it exactly? “It’s a sensual enhancement oil designed for female pleasure -- a therapeutic aphrodisiac,” said Mathew Gerson, Foria’s Los Angeles-based creator. “Women have described it as relaxing, and they’ve said it’s heightened their sensations. They’ve associated it with warming and tingling, localized in the sexual region.” Read more about the THC-infused sexual stimulant.

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