In a city that absolutely drips with history, Rusland is no exception: It has the longest history in this year’s Cup, turning 30 (no, really—30) this year. Established in 1974, the shop was named for Rusland street. Although Rusland is Dutch for “Russia,” the street was actually named for the Rus family, who owned the land and lived there about 450 years ago. Going with the Russian theme for the coffeeshop was an easy and effective choice; it would have been tough to theme a shop around a 16th-century family. The only link to communisim these days is the way that people of all classes and ages mix and mingle here, from politicians to plumbers, just as they have since Rusland opened. We can only guess what Karl Marx would have thought.

Rusland has the finest glass collection to be seen in any coffeeshop in town. They work with a stable of blowers who exhibit some of their very best works here in the five-meter-long case. They also have a variety of seeds on sale, as well as the original Sweetleaf Grinders! And there’s plenty of smoking implements available for your use.

The buds and resins at Rusland are selected for the highest quality at the lowest cost—you’ll notice that their prices are the lowest you can find in the Centrum. The highly trained staff can answer any and all of your questions on the menu selections. Staff training is taken seriously here, and that’s just another example of the attention to detail that Rusland is known for. You’ll want to spend some time checking out the Cannabis Cup’s oldest entrant and see for yourself what keeps bringing them back year after year!

White Russian