Jeff Wood, creator of the 18th Cup artwork:

"I decided to go with a 'Pan-Indian' design as opposed to one that just focus on North American Natives. Since John Trudell is known as a "Man of all Tribes", I wanted to portray all of "Americas" natives including central and south American cultures, particularly the ancient shamanistic cultures on the continent.

The large stone background pieces will be covered in mayan, aztec and north American glyph art. These glyphs will look etched in the wall. The stone will be very textured.

The maiden will be highly detailed in north american native regalia. I have eagle feathers in the design rough, but these will be switched out to hawk feathers so as to not infringe on religious areas. Hawks were known as medicine animals so they will fit better also. There will also be several references to bears throughout the piece. Bears were also known as medicine and visionary animals.

I want this to be a visionary piece so there will be very minor references to mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, morning glories etc., all of which were very much a part of the continents shamanistic practices."