Greetings Cannabis Lovers!

HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko here. It's Wednesday, day three of the 23rd annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, and boy are my lungs tired.


Anyway, the expert judges panel has been hard at work narrowing down the seed company indicas and sativas but first we chose our top seven recommendations for Coffeeshop weed for all to judge.


Our illustrious panel includes Addison DeNour and Russell Wiggins of Steep Hill Labs, Dale Gieringer of California NORML, Jason Hensley and Geoff K. of Rae Ray's Medicine of Montana, hip-hop artists Curren$y and Chase Infinite, graffiti legend Vulcan, hip-hop founders Coke La Rock and Busy Bee, Miss HIGH TIMES 2010 Brittany Wagoner and several other. 

Our choices are as follows:
Sleaze from the Noon
Amnesia Haze from Bluebird
Chocolope from Arabica Lounge
Strawberry Kush from the Bush Docter
Chemdawg from De Kroon
S-5 Haze from Prix D'Ami
Kass Kush from Betty Too

Keep in mind these are only our recommendations. Think of it as a shortlist to work off of but get out there and checkout all 25 amazing coffeeshops!


You can find a map of the competing coffeeshops inside your official HT Cannabis Cup program, or at


Voting began today at noon and ends at 4:20pm tomorrow, Thursday the 25th. So get out there, judge some strains, and vote for your favorite!