Here are all the strains, hash and edibles entered into the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup in Denver – April 19 & 20, 2014.

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Sativas 

The Winners:
1st Place - Ghost Train Haze from Green Man Cannabis
2nd Place - Super Silver Haze from Life is Good Healing
3rd Place - Twista from The Green Solution

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Hybrids 

The Winners:
1st Place - Cookies & Cream from Exotic Genetix
2nd Place - Colorado Chem from Cannables
3rd Place - Cinderella 99 x White from Natural Remedies

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Indicas

The Winners:
1st Place - South Central LA from Colorado Alternative Medicine & Root Seller Seeds
2nd Place - Grand Daddy Purple from Cannables
3rd Place - MK Ultra from The Green Solution

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Concentrates

The Winners:
1st Place - 303 OG Nug Run Sugar Budder from The Clinic
2nd Place - Lemon Walker OG from TC Labs & Gold Coast Collective
3rd Place - Willy Wonka Sativa BHO from High Class Concentrates

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Non-Solvent Hash

The Winners:
1st Place - White OG Solventless Wax from Essential Extracts & Down With Dirt
2nd Place - Boss Ice Wax from Infuzionz
3rd Place - Bruce Banner #3 from RiverRock Adult Use & Trichome Heavy Extractions

Denver US Cannabis Cup: Edibles

The Winners:
1st Place - 
Liquid Gold Delights Orange Meltaway Truffles from G Farma Labs
2nd Place - Cinnamon Roll Crunch from Kushie Kandy
3rd Place - Reef Jerky from Badfish Extracts