Turkish authorities seized a record-setting 23 tons of marijuana in the country’s biggest-ever pot bust. Police in Diyarbakir province carried out the raid with a massive show of force in a joint operation with anti-smuggling and organized crime investigators.

Twenty-four teams, backed by air support, cordoned off and raided seven addresses in the district of Lice, seizing 23 tons of pot packed in large containers. According to the Diyarbakir Police Department, the pot, worth a reported 6 million Turkish Lira ($3 million), was going to be buried in the ground and dug up again to sell during the winter.

A raid in the same area in September led to the seizure of 10.5 tons of marijuana. Back in July, 15 million pot plants and three tons of hash were confiscated.

Turkish authorities have been zealously raiding cannabis operations, which they believe are being used to fund terrorist activities. Authorities launched an aggressive campaign of 198 raids since May and have destroyed nearly 50 million pot plants. 

Diyarbakir governor Cahit Kıraç told reporters that police would continue to fight drug cultivation and trade, saying that locals should cooperate. “As long as our people do not support our operations, we cannot achieve any success.”