Police responded to break-in at marijuana club


OAKLAND -- It looked like a sure thing: Kick in a window in the rear of a Webster Street medical marijuana store -- grab all that primo dope and walk away.

A trio of Oakland men did just that, police said Saturday.

However, they stopped to rob a woman sleeping on a couch next door and by the time they finished the robbery, police officers, summoned by a silent alarm from the marijuana dispensary, had the place surrounded.

Oakland Police Sgt. George Phillips said the three young men were arrested after a chase, still carrying five plastic bags of marijuana.

The three, identified as Xavier Denton, 22, Johnathan Jones, 19 and Loticol Chastang, 27, all of Oakland, were booked on suspicion of home invasion robbery, burglary, possession of marijuana for sale and receiving stolen property.

Sgt. Phillips said the break-in at the Green Door Marijuana Club, 1521 Webster Street, occurred about 3:45 a.m. He said the thieves were unable to open a safe, but grabbed the marijuana that was not locked up.

"When they started to leave, they realized the back door was locked," Phillips said. The burglars went through another door that led to a massage business and a private residence, he said.

They discovered a 33-year-old woman asleep on a cot. "They decided they might as well rob her too," Phillips said. So they took her purse and searched the place. While they were searching, the victim ran outside and flagged police who were responding to the silent alarm.

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