What’s funnier than a cheeseburger that smokes weed? How about a Vine series called “420 Burger” that documents his chill lifestyle?

The video that started it all featured 420 Burger with a fresh joint and steady reggae in the background. A warning stated, “This post may contain chill content. Tap to view.” Joint almost always in-between sesame seed buns, 420 Burger has continued chilling out with a stoning plate of spaghetti and a few Coors, or hearing the doorbell ring with his pizza, complete with 420 spelled out in pepperoni. 

Adult Swim video producer Ellen Burke is the mastermind behind the smoking beef patty. She tells BuzzFeed that the inspiration came from a drawing she did of a cheeseburger on a surfboard. “I really wanted to turn that drawing into a video so I stitched together some felt into a cheeseburger, complete with fake sesame seeds, and started shooting clips.” Each six-second Vine video shows impressive and intricate detail and takes Burke about an hour or two to create. 

But 420 Burger wasn’t without some group support. The Viner community helped chime in, with well known Viners Nick Gallo and Simply Sylvio encouraging Burke to continue the first video into a whole series. And sometimes Burke’s boyfriend or cat will guest star in the videos. You can also catch Burke’s hand holding the lighter because what burger can light his own joint? Let’s be serious. 

420 Burger is quickly becoming a social media super star, with currently over ten thousand followers on Vine. Unsurprisingly, 4/20 was a big and highly anticipated day for 420 Burger and his fan base. 

“420 forever,” says the row of candles behind 420 Burger in the special 4/20 video. I think we can all second to that.