Want marijuana legalized in the United States? Now is a good time to let the various candidates for president know about it! It’s important the candidates for both the Democratic and Republican nomination for president hear from the public on the legalization issue. They may already have made up their minds about marijuana, but the purpose of the 420 Campaign is to change their minds, to make them reconsider their previous positions in light of public support for legalization.

There are several ways individual supporters of legalization can influence the race for the presidency. One of the easiest things is to simply contact the various candidates and ask them where they stand on marijuana’s legalization. Another approach is to educate them about the issue. Even better, ask them where they stand, follow up with some information that challenges their position, and then make it clear where you stand and what it would take for them to earn your support.

It’s easy to learn how to become an effective advocate for legalization. Just familiarize yourself with our 420 Campaign. Learn the basic skills of activism. Study the Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should be Legalized. Now you’re ready to make your voice heard. However, if you want to be even more prepared, do a little more background research. Find out about the national survey data on the number of marijuana users in the United States. Learn a little about national opinion surveys on public attitudes about marijuana’s legalization. Read about the size and value of the domestic marijuana crop. Review the 420 Campaign’s advice for contacting congressional representatives about marijuana’s legalization.

Next, figure out what you want to say to each of the candidates for president. Here are three suggestions you can choose from:

1) Ask them where they stand on marijuana’s legalization and why.
2) Provide them with one or two reasons you believe marijuana should be legalized and ask them if they will support taking a new look at the nation’s marijuana laws.
3) Ask them what they believe marijuana laws are supposed to accomplish, whether or not they believe the laws are successful, and what policies they would have regarding marijuana if elected.

Finally, use the information below to learn about the candidates. More importantly, use the contact information below to get in touch with each candidate for the Democratic and Republican nominations for president and let them know one way or another that marijuana legalization is an important issue for you and many other members of the general public. Be serious. If you treat the issue seriously, so will they. Remember, most of these candidates do not believe that taking pro-legalization positions on marijuana will help them get elected. You need to convince them otherwise, and the best way to do that is to be serious, well informed, and sincere. Show them your best side, be thoughtful and intelligent and you have a good chance of making a good impression on the candidate and their campaign staff. This is what it takes to be influential. If the campaigns hear from more Americans about legalization, they will start to realize that this is a more important issue than they previously believed.

As the campaigns heat up many public interest organizations, include drug policy groups, will survey the campaigns and publicize where they stand on reform issues. Indeed, this process has already started. But you can influence the campaigns by letting them know where you stand on the issues. Please contact the presidential candidates and let them know you support marijuana’s legalization.


Joe Biden Jr.

Website: www.joebiden.com
Contact: info@JoeBiden.com

Mailing Address:
Biden for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 438
Wilmington, DE 19899
Phone: 302-574-2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Website: www.hillaryclinton.com
Contact: www.hillaryclinton.com/help/contact

Mailing Address:
Hillary Clinton for President
4420 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-469-2008
Fax: 703-962-8600

Chris Dodd

Website: chrisdodd.com
Contact: chrisdodd.com/contact

Mailing Address:
Chris Dodd for President
PO Box 51882
Washington, DC 20091
Phone: 202-737-3633

John Edwards

Website: johnedwards.com
Contact: johnedwardds.com/about/contact

Mailing Address:
John Edwards for President
410 Market Street, Suite 400
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Phone: 919-636-3131
Fax: 919-967-3644

Mike Gravel

Website: www.gravel2008.us
Contact: www.gravel2008.us/contact

Mailing Address:
Mike Gravel for President
P.O. Box 948
Arlington, VA 22216-0948
Phone: 703-243-8303
Fax: 703-349-2958

Dennis Kucinich

Website: www.dennis4president.com
Contact: info@dennis4president.com

Mailing Address:
Kucinich for President 2008
11808 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111
Phone: 877-413-3664

Barack Obama

Website: www.barackobama.com
Contact: my.barackobama.com/page/s/contact2

Mailing Address:
Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680
Phone: 866-675-2008

Bill Richardson

Website: www.richardsonforpresident.com
Contact: research@richardsonforpresident.com

Mailing Address:
Richardson for President
111 Lomas Blvd. NW, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-828-2455
Fax: 505-842-5785


Sam Brownback

Website: www.brownback.com
Contact: www.brownback.com/s/Contact

Mailing Address:
Brownback for President
PO Box 2008
Topeka, KS 66601-2008

Rudy Giuliani

Website: www.joinrudy2008.com
Contact: webteam@joinrudy2008.com

Mailing Address:
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.
295 Greenwich St, #371
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-835-9449

Mike Huckabee

Website: www.mikehuckabee.com
Contact: information@explorehuckabee.com

Mailing Address:
The Huckabee for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 2008
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Phone: 501-324-2008

Duncan Hunter

Website: www.gohunter08.com
Contact: margaret@gohunter08.com

Mailing Address:
Hunter For President, Inc.
9340 Fuerte Drive
Suite 302
La Mesa, CA 91941
Phone: 888-344-8708

John McCain

Website: www.exploremccain.com
Contact: www.johnmccain.com/Contact

Mailing Address:
John McCain 2008
P.O. Box 16118
Arlington, VA 22215
Phone: 703-418-2008

Ron Paul

Website: www.ronpaul2008.com
Contact: mail@ronpaul2008.com

Mailing Address:
Ron Paul 2008
3461 Washington Blvd., Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-248-9115

Mitt Romney

Website: www.mittromney.com
Contact: www.mittromney.com/CommentForm

Mailing Address:
Romney for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 55239
Boston, MA 02205-5239
Phone: 857-288-6400

Tom Trancredo

Website: www.teamtancredo.org

Mailing Address:
Trancredo for President
501 Church Street, Suite 212
Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: 703-255-9898
Fax: 703-255-9899

Fred Thompson

Website: www.fred08.com
Contact: www.fred08.com/Contact

Mailing Address:
Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.
P.O. Box 128349
Nashville, TN 37212-8349


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